Saturday, August 5, 2017

D'Uh, what year is it?


First, consider what an outrage it is that the Almighty State, which was prosecuting Jack Ruby for murder and seeking to put him to death, got to pick his doctor. Since when is that OK?

Umm, since always, you PUTZ.

It was an adversarial situation, with Jack Ruby's life on the line. So, the entity that was trying to put him to death got to pick his doctor? A doctor who was prescribing him medication? How could Ruby's lawyers not object to that? It was one thing if the State was just having him to undergo a medical evaluation with their doctor. But, to be treated by him? With medication? Strong, psychoactive medication? Why didn't Jack Ruby have his own, non-government doctor?

Because Jack Ruby was a murderer, you PUTZ.

Do you realize that in everything we know about the JFK assassination, there is nothing about the CIA being involved with Dallas law enforcement. 


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