Saturday, August 5, 2017

D'Uh, what year is it?


First, consider what an outrage it is that the Almighty State, which was prosecuting Jack Ruby for murder and seeking to put him to death, got to pick his doctor. Since when is that OK?

Umm, since always, you PUTZ.

It was an adversarial situation, with Jack Ruby's life on the line. So, the entity that was trying to put him to death got to pick his doctor? A doctor who was prescribing him medication? How could Ruby's lawyers not object to that? It was one thing if the State was just having him to undergo a medical evaluation with their doctor. But, to be treated by him? With medication? Strong, psychoactive medication? Why didn't Jack Ruby have his own, non-government doctor?

Because Jack Ruby was a murderer, you PUTZ.

Do you realize that in everything we know about the JFK assassination, there is nothing about the CIA being involved with Dallas law enforcement. 


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Another IDIOTPANTS moment

Disinformation Dorothy is full of these "Why does it look blah, blah, blah, blah, blah......." when he creates the distortions, when he uses the shitiest shit image he can find to use.

Now look at this shit. He's so stupid he caught one of those buffering turning wheel things in the image of Oswald's face that he wants to bitch and whine about.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Still having no clue, no knowledge, no concept of what he's talking about, he goes deep into the commercial stock photography well, and deep into his own ass

Yes, this, this image explains everything about how Jack Ruby gained access to the DPDHQ basement and didn't kill Lee Harvey Oswald, no, no, that was done by FBI agent James Bookhout. Why him? Well, why not him.  It makes as much sense as anything Dorothy has come up with as to why he says so.  And Jack Ruby, the pure, and saintly, for a Jew, mensch just went along with the framing of himself.

Remember, that's Jack Ruby, ubermensch

Ralph Cinque, Putz!  

Again with the stolen commercial photos

Still having no idea of the true width of the DPDHQ ramp IDIOTPANTS writes: 

Here's what we're talking about:

He always has shit from some commercial photographic studio, some corporate, modeling, ad man's treasure trove of images that he's stolen from somewhere on the internet.

This shit on top of shit doesn't have shit to do with anything, you vegetable urine soaking moron!

David Belin would be so proud of Dorothy

I don't know why, i don't think anyone will ever understand unless a thorough autopsy is done on IDIOTPANTS brain but the goofball has drunk the Kool-Aide and believes every excuse about Jack Ruby.

Dorothy probably thinks Jack Ruby ran onstage and put clothes back on the strippers.

The stupid bitch has no idea what the width of the ramp was.

The stupid bitch has no idea that there were films and live TV coverage of the outside of the building.

Ralph Cinque is a Stupid Bitch.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

No, Dorothy, nothing you've written has changed anything, you're still a stupid bitch

And the laughing stock of the the whole internet.  

Where's that "Three Days in November" documentary?

Where's the Black and White Tri-X film negatives?