Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Busted on his stupidity, Ol' IDIOTPANTS tries to change the subject

Now this:

which I've just showed you came from this:

though IDIOTPANTS couldn't figure that out.

So, to distract from that Ol' IDIOTPANTS now insists there's something wrong with this:

because it's not similar to these images

Raff and his claims are 100% bullshit.  But if you notice this, Raff will call you stupid, as though projection means he's winning something.  

Ol IDIOTPANTS doubles down on his stupidity, to him this means he's winning something

IDIOTPANTS can't figure out how this:

could possibly have come from this:

I mean, it's just so hard to do.  
How could anything possibly match up? I mean just linking up the white bits of the same size and shape that appear in the same area.  It's just so hard to do, isn't it IDIOTPANTS?  

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Ralph's IDIOCY once again on full display

Ranting and raving against Bart Camp ol' IDIOTPANTS thinks Camp created a new image to use against Raff.  This is the image:

It's from the Tina Towner film.  But, it's really from a bad copy of the Tina Towner film used on Robert Groden's VHS copy of his "The Case for Conspiracy," and that was then uploaded to the internet on Daily Motion.  

IDIOTOPANTS thinks this is a new image.  He has no ability to comprehend the distortion of something in the background in an 8mm film that is filming something far closer to the camera, something that's in motion, the limousine.  He has no comprehension why things in the background that the camera is not near nor focused on are not clear and in focus like they would be or could be in a photograph taken by a still camera.  It doesn't matter that ol' IDIOTPANTS cannot comprehend that, he's going to make a comparison anyway. For Ralphie-boy the same area of the TSBD seen under two different camera film mediums, under two completely different cameras, let alone types and purpose of film should magically have the exact same, crystal clear sharpness and quality that can never degrade or fade no matter how many copies removed from the original material the copy IDIOTOPANTS finds online is.  

Raff's unending stupidity is truly stunning.  

So I searched "Daily Motion" for Ralph Cinque and got...

Thursday, October 12, 2017

You dream every night about "that Canadian guy," Raff, admit it!

Anyone believe him? Anyone?

It's obvious that Raff is a lying schmuck

Raff compounds his stupidity.

He again insists that Oswald was placed into "the left side" of the rear of the ambulance, remaining tone deaf to the obvious issue he and his little friend Amy made that nearly all of the cameras are on the left side of the ambulance.

What a schmuck.  

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

IDIOTPANTS regurgitates his ambulance lie to tell more lies

Old IDIOTPANTS is regurgitating one of his old lies again.  This time he's repeating a lie he told at least as far back as mid January.  He does this again and again, as if he thinks we've all forgotten that his BS was debunked immediately and we all forgot, or can't be bothered to remember when and where we debunked his BS.  

I didn't.  

Once again, IDIOTPANTS wants to control, or frame a false debate by pretending there's only one photograph or image about a topic he wants to lie about because he's only going to offer up one image, and it's always the very worst one his sorry lame ass can find online.  


IDIOTPANTS is also referring to Dr. Fred Bieberdorf as merely Bieb, as if the late doctor was the asinine Canadian pop star.  Perhaps it's fun for IDIOTPANTS to demean actual, medical doctors, something he never, ever was.

IDIOTPANTS makes another obvious mistake.  "Oswald was slid into the ambulance on the left side."

WRONG!  He was placed into the ambulance the way everyone would be placed into an ambulance of this type, into the rear of the ambulance.  These early types of ambulances were nothing more than glorified station wagons.  The placement of Oswald into the ambulance was photographed, filmed, videotaped and broadcast LIVE on the left side of the ambulance because that's where nearly everyone with a camera was.  Putz.